Thursday, August 25, 2011

The problem with jobs...

Here I am, back to writing again. I stepped back out of the Art World for a while after the Artist Shanty experience left me strapped for cash. It cost me far more to put on that show than I actually made. So, I got a job. A novel idea I know. But, this is what happens when I get a job. I started with a few shifts a week. Which was perfect! I could generate a little income and continue to work on my Art. (so I thought...) My second week into it, suddenly, I  had no days off and two 'doubles' every week. I went from bar tending a couple shifts to bar tending, waiting tables, running the 'to go' window, hosting and pretty much anything else that needed to be done... And really not making any money at it.  It got to the point that when the owner realized that I could do all these things there was no need to pay someone else to do them. The problem was It was saving the owner money, but not making me any. I was making just enough to get by. Wait. Wasn't that what I was doing as an artist? There is a bit more certainty to the having a regular job, but it really hasn't gotten me any closer to my goal. In fact it set me back three months. (I may have to write a book or at least a blog about the mismanaged nightmare that the staff refers to as 'The Darkside') So, in the meantime, I'm trying to find the balance? Summer is nearing an end. I quit the 'full time' employment at The Dockside and have taken on a part time bar tending job at a new restaurant in town that is run so (So So So!) much better. Hopefully, I can find that balance. Ultimately, I'd like to get back to painting in my free time. I have had enough time this week to start my blogging again, so maybe some painting is in the not too distant future. Cross your fingers for me.

Talk to you soon.

(This picture is from the good new job... 
not the one I was complaining about.
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