Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Time Flies.

Time really does seem to fly. Especially when you use it! The past week has been a blur. I have done a lot and a lot has happened. Of course I've spent some time painting, but with the cold, my hands just weren't steady enough. I found that mason that likes art and now I'm just waiting for the cement to dry and I'll have some heat. In order to get the heat I'll need a few things which will require me to spend some money. Thats okay though, because this week I got TWO, count them 2, commissions, so I've got some cash to do it.

I bought a grate for the fireplace, a screen, an axe and a maul to chop the oak that I've been aging for over a year in the back yard. The grate is called "The Grate Wall of Fire" and it supposedly makes your fireplace work like a fire box. Don't run out and buy one just yet... I'll keep you posted and let you know how it goes. My fire place is an odd set up so I had to get a custom sized screen for which I wasted the better part of the day surfing the internet to find. I ordered them over the internet, so they'll probably arrive just after this cold snap ends. But hey the seasons just beginning so I'm pretty excited about having heat!

Another thing that occupied a lot of my time this week was my NEW DOG. He's only like the most awesome pup ever. He's a Golden Retriever named Nicklaus (thats how I'm gonna spell it). His owners named him after Saint Nicholas because they got him for Christmas. But I like the whole Jack Nicklaus "Golden Bear" tie in. (see... he's big and golden, and perhaps even somewhat bear-like) Don't get me wrong, I love Santa too. (and if he's reading I'd love a really big stainless steel crock-pot for Christmas and... maybe an orange in my stocking... Why did he always used to do that? The Superman toothbrush I could understand. After all, it made brushing fun... and still does. But what the hell was I gonna do with an orange? Anyway... Where was I... Oh Yah!) So I'm gonna spell his name like the golfer, not the Saint. But honor both in the process, because after all it's Christmas and unless you're a blauthor, how often  do you really have to spell your dog's name?

I really haven't talked too much about art today, but I did mention earlier that I got two commissions. So that was something. If you are an artist, and you have motivation problems, I recommend adopting a pet. Not just any pet. A needy, slightly neurotic, large breed dog. So far, it has done wonders for me. We live in a pretty urban setting so I have to walk him... several times a day! I can no longer sleep in and hit the snooze bar until noon.... or one. This morning at 0-dark-thirty I awoke to a 75 pound Golden sitting on my bed with his paws on my chest and his leash in his mouth wagging his tail at 90 MPH. How can you say no to that? So, I was up and out and working bright and early. The further we go on our walks, the longer he sleeps on my feet in front of my easel or under my desk. So, we go on long walks and my feet stay warm while I work. Plus, I'm getting a lot of healthy exercise.(... as opposed to the unhealthy kind..?...)

Which brings me to the moral of my story... Don't buy a puppy because they're cute. This time of year too many people do just that. It is a big responsibility! If you DO want a pet and understand the responsibilities and time it will take,(the next 10 to 15 years of your life) consider rescuing one. Poor Nicklaus had a wonderful home, he just got too big for the nice older couple that had him, so I got a beautifully trained dog with out the hassles of puppy-hood, not to mention warm feet.

Until next time...
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just Hanging...

Not too much going on in my world today. Painted for the better part of the afternoon, four more seascapes in the works. It's been kind of a quiet contemplative day, no conversation, no noise, I haven't even played any music.  I'll check back in when I have more to say...