Monday, June 29, 2015

OOOPS! I Did It Again!!!

You'd think I'd have learned my lesson by now.

The fine folks at Not Your Average Joe's caught me again. We had been talking about doing another show sometime in July. I went in for a quick lunch one day. The Bartender that does the event planning said,"Oh good, I'm glad you're here..." ( I hate when people say that. It's usually followed by heavy lifting or a donation to a cause that I've never heard of before... Some sort of pain and sufffering, emotional, physical, or financial... )

"We've decided that we are too busy in July and August to have events. I gets too crowded. (Yadda, yadda, yadda...) Could we move your show up to June? How about the 22nd?"

I am in no position to say no to anything at this point in my life. I am an artist. That is how I make my living. A one man show is a great way to promote myself. It is great experience and an opportunity to make money! So even though the 22nd was only TWO WEEKS AWAY I, of course, said,"Yes."

I had already started some paintings because I knew that we were planning a show for July. (The end of July!) but I had nothing finished. And, even though, I don't have a job other than art, I do have an art business that needs my daily attention. I painted and worked and occasionally ate for two weeks straight. As usual it came right down to the wire. But, I did it! I pulled it off once again. I think I even may have done a decent job. We went with Seascapes and Sailboats this time. What do you think?

And while I was there I painted live...

It ended up looking like this:

It was very dark in there, and even with a light on my easel it was hard  to see what I was doing. 
I did sell three paintings though!

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